Up For:
Best Animated Feature Film of the Year

Wholeheartedly did not enjoy the viewing of this film. Personal preference for stop motion animation, the story was nothing spectacular. Not sure if there was a lack of Animated Features this year, but Coraline was far from anything enjoyable.

The film “9” (though I have not viewed it yet) seems like it had more potential than this film.

The story is dry. Plain and simple, it has been done before. Sure, never in a separate universe where the “other” mother has buttons for eyes, but watch Home Alone and you will understand the jest of this film.

Even the stop motion wasn’t the greatest. Sure, the graphics are getting better and I had to ask myself whether this was digitally done or good-old fashion stop motion claymation.

Overall, never been a big fan of the sub-genre of movies that Tim Burton helped to create and which Coraline carries on from.

No chances at Best Animated Feature. Coraline doesn’t hold up against Up.


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