crazy_heart_poster_01CRAZY HEART

Up For:
Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song

Where in God’s name is the Best Picture nomination?

Crazy Heart was absolutely amazing. By far the best film viewed throughout this journey (Sorry Up In The Air, Thank you Marcus Theaters for finally getting something good at your theaters).

Jeff Bridges will take this award hands down. The guy was bred for success. Winning an Oscar in 1971 for Last Picture Show, to being a legend from the Coen Brothers’ Big Lebowski, to Crazy Heart (which has its moments of Big Lebowski nostalgia). Singing his own songs, wearing his emotion on his sleeve, Bridges has engraved himself as one of my favorite actors of all time.

Maggie Gyllenhaal was stunning as well. Name any movie Maggie has been in before this film, I would most likely say I did not enjoy her (she was fine in The Dark Knight, but when you’re replacing Katie Holmes, anyone looks good in that part). Maggie finally found the part for her. She was made for this part and for that I enjoyed it. Do not see the Oscar in her future, however. (Anna Kendrick still blew her away).

Best Original song… more like Best Original songS! My friends and I left the theater after seeing the film asking each other which song was up for the award because all of them were great. “The Weary Kind” is up for the award and rightfully so (oddly enough, written by Ryan Bingham, the character from Up In The Air… coincidence?). The “Falling Seems Like Flying” song was a personal favorite of mine. Even if you do not see this film, at least give the record (or CD) a try. In the essence of Walk The Line if you will.

Colin Farrell? This film made me enjoy two actors that I normally would not enjoy. Add Robert Duvall (loved him in The Road this year as well), and you have another great film.

As a musician myself, this film meant a lot more to me. It is uplifting yet rooted to the ground and down to earth. I will own this film.

Seriously though, no Best Picture, no Best Adapted Screenplay, not even Best Director? Very confusing this year, Oscars… very confusing. Would have put this in the running for Best Picture if it were there… guess you need to make room for Blind Side & District 9??? Whatever.


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