district9_4DISTRICT 9

Up For:
Best Motion Picture of the Year
Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published
Best Achievement in Editing
Best Achievement in Visual Effects

Hype… Hype can ruin a movie. Trailers for this film made me somewhat want to view this film before it hit theaters. The hype after the film hit theaters was phenomenal. A “must’ see film. Having waited to see this film on Blu Ray, did not live up to the hype.

Sure, the plot was original, and from Peter Jackson, you should expect greatness. The Oscar nominations that it received were somewhat of a surprise to me. To see it up for anything, let alone Best Picture of the Year? No way.

If any nominations were to be had, it should have been best directing. This was Neill Blomkamp first time directing. Let me repeat that: FIRST TIME DIRECTING! How must you feel when the first major film you direct is up for Best Picture? Now what does this guy have to do? (start writing the next Avatar and produce it 20 years from now, I guess).

I never know how to judge the technical aspects. My gut reaction tells me Avatar takes home anything technical. Avatar aside, I still believe Star Trek trumps District 9 in visual effects. Best Adapted Screenplay, really don’t think so, especially with all the “hype” surrounding Up In The Air.

Oscars aside, watch this film and try to tell me from what you see it was anyone’s first time directing or acting. The main character, played by Sharlto Copley, can now add District 9 to the second thing he has ever been in… First major film if you ask me, however. Hollywood is getting frickin’ crazy when they can pump out a film like this from first time people. Makes you wonder what these guys were doing with their lives before this. Congratulations are at least in order for these two men.

Take Cloverfield, mash in some Star Trek and Men In Black, and out comes District 9. Not bad by any means, but not all it was made out to be.


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