julie_and_juliaJULIE & JULIA

Up For: Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Meryl Streep)

Julie & Julia inspired me to start this blog.

The film itself was entertaining, but did not strike me as Oscar-worthy. The performances were sub-par, especially from Meryl Streep. I simply have a feeling that the people that grew up with Julia Childs teaching them to cook on the television saw the striking resemblance in Meryl and thus decided she deserved a nomination.

The plot was based on two true stories, which made for an entertaining, back and forth story-telling. Once again, the film rose to the challenge of its bland title and subject matter and I was able to latch onto certain ideas the film delved into, like the process of getting a book published. I have always wanted to be a writer and so as Julia Childs tried to get her cookbook published, I followed along. My passion for writing was then matched by Amy Adams character, as she too was frustrated with her current position in life and wanted more, thus starting a blog and working her way through the entire Julia Childs cookbook.

The acting was solid all the way through. Streep & Adams lived up to their names, while Stanley Tucci and Chris Messina provided nice support for their women (both acting-wise and plot-wise).

Glad I viewed this film at least once, but otherwise do not feel the need for a second viewing. Not really turned onto the book either.


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