star_trek_poster07STAR TREK

Up For:
Best Achievement in Sound Mixing
Best Achievement in Sound Editing
Best Achievement in Visual Effects

Ask me back when I first saw this on Blu Ray if I thought this would get any Oscar nods, let alone three, I would have simply said “no way”. Not saying the film wasn’t great, because it was by far the best Star Trek experience I have ever had (mainly the first Star Trek experience I have ever had).

In any case, do I think it will take home any of the Oscars. To that all I can say is….


I really do not feel that anything will compare to Avatar (still haven’t viewed it however). But that is Avatar shtick. You come out feeling you have been some visually and audible stimulating journey… What it all comes down to… I didn’t hear of any audience member dying from over stimulation in Star Trek. Avatar the contrary.

Oscars aside, Star Trek was wonderful. For a cast of “nobodies” (I say “nobodies” because they had no old star power to carry them), they really held their own. Chris Pine was fantastically hilarious, going from funny guy to serious captain so gracefully. Zachary Quinto acted awkwardly beautiful in his part of Spock, a part it seems he was born to play (no offense Lenard Nemoy). Never been an Eric Bana fan, who played the villain who could have been casted a little better in my opinion.

All in all, the film made me wish for a sequel, which is rare from me these days. Felt like it was building up for the next one and that would be fine by me. Had Avatar not been a global phenomena, I would peg Star Trek for at least Best Visual Effects.


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