the-cove-movie-poster-1THE COVE

Up For: Best Documentary, Features

With a tag line like “The Bourne Identity meets Flipper”, the Cove was a passing joke between my colleagues and I at work in the video store. That combination makes the documentary sound ridiculous. View the film, however, you will be in awe.

The Cove was phenomenal. Though extremely one sided, the film is a great blend of information about the situation, and action from the filmmaker.

The director, Louie Psihoyos, is present the entire film, taking you to the Japanese location of the debate about dolphin killing.

The knowledge you gain from the telling of the first person stories and the interactions of the Americans with the Japanese are haunting but thought-provoking. I simply did not know that dolphin killing was such a huge deal in those parts.

A nice (and funny… not sure why) cameo from Hayden Panettiere will make this a fun filled documentary as well.

My favorite part of the film, the inclusive and unique adventure the filmmaker takes you on in fighting to see what actually happens in “the cove”. The use of high tech equipment to catch and record what the secret dolphin killings is powerful and gut wrenching. The explanation of government involvement is intriguing as well, which caused a lot of after thought once the film was over about all government involvement and cover ups.

Overall, the documentary took me through the full range of emotion, providing for heart racing suspense and heart warming tales.

Not sure this one takes the Oscar, as Food Inc. was much more publicized, but a nice runner-up if anything.

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