Thus far, the films that have been weighed in on were films that I went to in the theater, not knowing that I would eventually challenge my self to see all the Oscar nominated films. Not a bad start, but leaving 33 films to see.

As a film student for three years, I would watch the Academy Awards every year and never know half the films nominated. I would see them later (Michael Clayton & No Country For Old Men come to mind as two I saw after the awards) and I wished I would have viewed them before.

Looking at the list remaining, I was worried I would not find half of them or go broke seeing them for 8 bucks a pop in the theater. Imaginarium and Nine disappeared from theaters just as soon as they appeared (at least around the Minnesota/North Dakota area). Marcus Theaters brought some of the films back (Precious, Blind Side, Crazy Heart, & Lovely Bones). Fargo Theatre got Up In The Air, Young Victoria, and now A Single Man.

A good chunk of the films were released on DVD already, so those would be the easiest to view, since I work at a video store after all.

Online streams of the remaining films and wishful thinking would have to cover the rest of the films on the list.

I thought it would be easiest to break them up into sections and take them out that way.

DVD/Blu Ray

  • Coraline
  • A Serious Man
  • (the only short I have access to): Wallace & Gromitt: A Matter of Loaf and Death
  • Bright Star
  • Food Inc.
  • Julie & Julia
  • Paris 36
  • The Cove
  • Coco Before Chanel
  • In The Loop
  • Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince



  • Crazy Heart (West Acres)
  • A Single Man (Fargo Theatre)
  • Up In The Air (Fargo Theatre)
  • Avatar (Century)
  • Blind Side (West Acres)
  • Lovely Bones (West Acres)
  • Precious (Century)
  • Princess & Frog (Safari)
  • Secret of Kells (@ Fargo Film Festival – Wednesday March 3rd)


Not on DVD/Blu Ray -or- in Theaters

  • Burma VJ
  • An Education
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Il Divo
  • Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus
  • Invictus
  • Last Station
  • Messenger
  • Most Dangerous Man in America
  • Nine
  • Which Way Home
  • White Ribbon
  • Young Victoria



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