young-victoria-poster-663x1024THE YOUNG VICTORIA

Up For:
Best Achievement in Art Direction
Best Achievement in Costume Design
Best Achievement in Makeup

Overall, fantastic film. Emily Blunt is exquisite. Paul Bettany (not Ifans Rhys as I commonly mistake the two) was fantastic as well. Mark Strong took part in the cast as well, playing such a great part I did not even recognize him (most recently in Sherlock Holmes and Rock’N’Rolla). Coming out of the film, I am rather shocked that none of these fine performances were nominated for Best Actor or Actress, especially Emily Blunt. Hands down (only having seen Meryl Streep’s performance of course), I would give the Oscar to Emily and will be severely disappointed to not see her beaming face take home the prize.

The aspects the film was nominated for is rightfully so. I find it difficult to produce the standards the judges look for when viewing the category films of Art Direction, Costume, and Make-Up. Do they look for quantity or quality or both. Obviously it is both, I suppose. If the costumes are sheer perfection and hundreds are used, then it would be apparent that the film that takes advantage of both would win the award.

Against, Bright Star and Coco Before Chanel, this film had the quantity. Though the idea of determining which film created better sets and costumes is difficult since most films these days do pretty well in recreating (or creating) the worlds in which they portray. Overall, I would say the costumes beat those of other films simply by never having to question them and seeing tons of them. Though I would not be surprised if Coco came through since the film was about a designer and they are recreating her outfits.

Oscars aside, Young Victoria blew my expectations for a period piece. The film flies by and with so many great performances, it is hard to dislike the characters that are inherently evil in nature, like Bettany’s & Strong’s character (although you end up hating Strong’s character very much). The film carries you though the full spectrum of emotion and definitely provides enough for a second viewing, if only for trying to figure out the balance of power with kings & queens. Do not be surprised to see this film take home the gold in the given categories.


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