2009_a_single_man_poster-690x1024A SINGLE MAN

Up For: Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

Watching the trailer for this film does not prepare you for what you are stepping into.

Here is what I knew about this film when I stepped in:

Tom Ford, a fashion designer, is a first time director.

Colin Firth is nominated for Best Lead Actor.

Julianne Moore had Oscar buzz before the nominees came out.

Period. That was all I knew about the film.

First, Tom Ford, an openly gay man, makes a great debut as director in this homoerotic longing. The style of this film alone was enough to keep me intrigued. The color changes in the film allow for many interpretations and the camera movements are gorgeous. The screenplay is seamless in portions and a somewhat loose in others. The one thing that never came to mind during the viewing was fashion. Besides Julianne Moore, no one really wore anything out of the ordinary (this was a 60’s film). Not to say that costumes were not great, they were just not extraordinary.

Now, Colin Firth: do I think he delivered a great performance… yes. Do I think he will win the Oscar? Absolutely not. In comparison to Jeff Bridges & George Clooney’s A+ performances, Firth can not stand up to such monumental statures. Needless to say, Firth carries this film on his back. Without him, there would be no film. Firth becomes this character and rarely ever veers from the course of sheer perfection. Sadly, however, the film is just not good enough for him to shine completely. Had Firth taken Clooney’s spot in Up In The Air, perhaps, but A Single Man was not able to challenge Firth enough, and for that, this performance remains unworthy of an Oscar.

I was surprised when I saw the trailer for A Single Man, and it exclaimed that Julianne Moore would definitely be up for an Oscar. Having the nominees announced, there was no such nomination. I feel this occurred because Moore was just not in the film that much. In an hour and a half, she was present for less than 20 minutes (if even that long). With such a small performance, you cannot even begin to compare her to Sandra Bullock or even Anna Kendrick for Supporting Actress, who strongly carried their respected films. Not surprised with the non-nomination of Julianna Moore.

Overall, an impressive directing debut for Tom Ford, but Ford has a long way to go before I go view another of his films. Colin Firth delivers a solid performance but is unable to break through the glass ceiling that this film’s sub-par nature builds for him (you are only as good as the film itself).


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