Up For:
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Achievement in Art Direction
Best Achievement in Costume Design
Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song

Absolutely loved this film. Characterization is my favorite part of stories, especially those of superhero stories and the like. Nine was completely filled with characters. The nominations for Nine were deserved but also inflicted confusion.

Costume & Art Direction were top notch. The sound stage with the set in progress for all the musical numbers was fantastic. Great concept, which I am guessing came from the Broadway play portion of this film. The music was phenomenal (not necessarily all the music, since some of the songs dropped the ball). The frustration begins with the song decision for the nominee: Take It All, sung by Marion Cotillard. Kate Hudson’s and Fergie’s musical numbers were fantastic.

The cast of Nine was a male’s wet dream! Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Fergie, Marion Cotillard, as only the start. Each woman figure brought about their own style and characterization. Every woman figure you could have in your life was portrayed. The mother, the wild child, the mistress, etc. Each with their own song and aspect. The image of Fergie playing in the sand accompanying her song was vivid, while Kate Hudson’s vogue-ish dance and song were pure sex, the image of her beaded clothing still shaking when I remember the film.

The biggest concern I have with the nominations given to the film was the lack of Lead Actor nomination for Daniel Day Lewis, and for many reasons. For starters, his character was brilliantly played. The interview sequence, he in his sunglasses the entire time, witty remark after witty remark to the press, his acting was spot on. I would watch that again and again. Though his singing was not the greatest, he still took on that feat and concurred it. He brought out the best of each and every woman that was opposite him (and they brought out the best in him, each in a different way). I do not believe Penelope Cruz would have gotten the nomination if it was not for Daniel Day Lewis. The fact that she was nominated over Nicole Kidman or Marion Cotillard was astounding. The biggest reason I wanted to see Lewis nominated was for the entertainment of Oscar night. The excitement would have been so much more if it were Clooney, Bridges, Firth, & Lewis. Four huge names head to head and not sure who was going to win. Clooney & Bridges blow everyone else away in the category as it stands now and that is too bad because it kills any excitement.

Overall, the film was exactly what it needed to be. It is getting tougher to determine what will make the Best Of categories, but this is definitely up there in all of its categories. I would love to see Cruz win. Though I do not agree with the song choice, seeing this film take home any awards would not be a bad thing. If you enjoy Chicago, this is a nice film by the same director. Though Chicago blows it away, the editing of the musicals into the back and forth of the conversations is fantastic and will be worth the watch. Otherwise, the film is worth the women alone.


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