Up For:
Best Motion Picture of the Year
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Achievement in Directing
Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published
Best Achievement in Editing

Precious, as it appears, is worth its weight in gold, at least Oscar gold.

Word of mouth made this film (and coincidentally the book) unappetizing to me. With thoughts of hating it before hand, especially with comedian Mo’Nique leading the nominations in a serious part, I was even more skeptical. On the other side of at least the film, I am confident that Precious will be leaving with at least some gold on Oscar night.

Mo’Nique… Wow… From films like Soul Plane to something substantial like Precious, backed by Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, I thought this would be laughable. Now, she is all I think of when remembering this film. So vulgar and evil, she rocked the hell out of this part, making you hate her more than any villain you have ever hated in a film. Even when you think you might see the comedian in Mo’Nique, she hits you with an ash tray or throws a television at you and your baby, or forces you to eat hairy pigs feet. Her character was so pronounced that you were scared for Precious’ life every time they were together. She deserves the win for this (even though I want Anna Kendrick to win). This will be the award I expect to come from the film.

Gabourey Sidibe, as Precious, could easily take the upset at the Oscars, next to Sandra Bullock. She is 100% a new comer and for that, the Academy may award her for the efforts put forth in her first big deal. In my personal opinion, she is because the actors and story around her are good. Sure, she may be a very happy person in real life, but she did not carry much of a presence in the film (and please do not tell me that that is what they were going for). Much like Quinton Aaron in Blind Side, there was little going on behind their eyes. I could not see them acting with all their body, just their responses to dialogue. So yes, for a first timer, she was terrific, but Oscar-worthy, not sure. Up against seasoned veterans, it should be interesting and may pull a Taylor Swift at the award show.

The other nominations were well-deserved and could easily be seen why they were chosen. The editing was great, with so much going on and special moments of effects that added to the film as a whole. The screenplay was complex and intriguing. From what I hear, the book is powerful yet completely vulgar and hard to read. The film takes the book and makes it into a more bearable version of this heart wrenching story. Though the editing will not live up to Avatar, the adapted Screenplay would not be a total stretch.

Best Picture, however, is not in Precious’ future. Yes, it was a great film, but not that great and the honor of best in show will still probably fall on The Hurt Locker, Up In The Air, and in a twisted messed up world, Avatar.


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