lovely_bones_movie_poster_lo-res_01THE LOVELY BONES

Up For: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Did you happen to notice that this film was only nominated for one thing? There was a reason for that. This film was bad, through and through.

Yet the one, somewhat shining light of the film was the utter creepiness of Stanley Tucci as the neighborhood killer.

I often felt that if I were an emo 12 year old girl that loved the book, I would be absolutely enthralled with this film and it would probably be my favorite film, with meaning and emotion. But as a 22 year old adult male, this film was a glorified Twilight film without the vampires.

Sure, this film had Mark Wahlberg, a young actress playing the main character, an adapted screenplay, and lots of special effects, yet they did not get recognized. That should be a huge red flag for anyone with hopes for this film.

The story was laughable (yes, I am sure the book handles it better, but there is no saving it), the acting was ineffective, and the ending was absolutely horrible and justifiable.

Having seen the trailer, I expected so much more from this film and was unrelentingly let down. The Lovely Bones easily becomes one of the worst films I have viewed in the Oscar Challenge. Though Stanley Tucci was the only good part, I still do not see him winning against the powerhouse of Christoph Waltz, especially in this dismal excuse for a teen drama.


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