ildivoIL DIVO

Up For: Best Achievement in Makeup

Il Divo proved to be a very odd film. The makeup nomination, from my analysis must come from the formation of the main character, Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti. A small, hunched-back, droopy eared man is the basis of this Italian political film.

Not sure it quite compares with the complexity and sheer abundance of makeup in both Star Trek & Young Victoria, but contributes to the film none-the-less.

My favorite portion of the film: the title sequences introducing characters, which take on a 3-D quality, in particular two back to back “lower thirds” used in the introduction of the film during a montage of deaths, a man hanging under a bridge and another man choking at a table.

The hardest part of this film was putting names with faces. Many different names and titles are used and with the language barrier, the film proved challenging to follow.

Not sure, even at the end of the film, that I got all I could from it and it may take another viewing to put it all together, but the style of the film is unlike any film I have viewed before with the constant spiking of the lens, and odd humor.

In the end, this is an odd nomination to go with an odd film. Period.


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