Release Date
March 26, 2010
Atom Egoyan
Erin Cressida Wilson
Distributed By
Sony Pictures Classics
$12-14 million
Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller
Rated R
96 minutes


Chloe is a fatal attraction thriller that does not hide its true nature; with the lead starlet dressing from bare naked to brassier within the opening credits of the film. Amanda Seyfried takes on the role of a woman-for-hire who, despite her apparent naivety, is far from innocent. With Julianna Moore, Liam Neeson, and the young boy from Jumper turned adolescent, Max Thieriot, topping off the small cast, this film gives you everything you could ask for, as far as to say I desperately pray my niece, whose name coincidentally is Chloe, stays far away from boys…

Erotic and sensual, sultry and steamy, passionate and thrilling, this film delivers in a way the trailers could not possibly instill in you. Amanda Seyfried owns in this film. Look at the stepping stones she had taken to get here; Mean Girls to Mamma Mia to Jennifer’s Body to Dear John, this lady can perform. Julianne Moore is right there behind her, showing off her sex appeal at almost 50 years old. She’s still got it. From A Single Man earlier this year, to Chloe, Julianne shows no signs of slowing down. The women rule this film by far, still with great supporting parts from Liam Neeson and Max Thieriot. Do not expect award winning film however. Chloe is not the best dramatic thriller out there right now, but with a stacked cast and well paced plot, it definitely has the potential to turn some heads.


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