Release Date
January 9, 2010
Miguel Arteta
Gustin Nash
Distributed By
The Weinstein Company
$18 million
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rated R for sexual content, language and drug use
90 minutes
Youth In Revolt

From the poster or the cover art, you could mistake “Youth In Revolt” as just another comedy, but actually view it and the film becomes so much more. Michael Cera’s prowess in the film is unmatched by any performance of his to-date. Cera has become his own genre of actor. The dialogue in the film is set to his uniquely awkward character (close to the Jesse Eisenberg delivery); the downtrodden, gutless nobody. Toss on the flame of his new persona, François, and this film takes on a life of its own. The quick and witty dialogue is what sets this film apart from say “Superbad” or “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist”. In a nutshell: a great, subtle, comedic performance from Cera.

For a comedy, this film had gorgeous shot selection. The ultimate shot occurs when Cera flees from the police, breaking off the main road into the forest. With the sun shining through the trees and the angle of the camera, this film becomes more than just a run-of-the-mill over-the-top comedy. (Click for picture) The cast rounds off nicely with Zach Galifinakis, Ray Liotta, Justin Long, & Steve Buscemi as just some of the hilarious cast in the film. Portia Doubleday has a nice breakthrough performance as the love interest and I look forward to seeing her future work. Though the film catches moments of a raunchy comedy with an opening credits masturbation sequence and Kama Sutra figures come to life, the film stays on the lines of subtle comedy, in the same realm as “Orange County”, with Colin Hanks & Jack Black, yet a touch more racy.


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