I thought I would weigh in on my favorite films of 2010. Unpopular or not, these are the ten films I absolutely adored this year starting with the ones I liked the most. There are then ten listed alphabetically that were close. I did not see a lot of films this year it seems that would have probably made my list including “The King’s Speech” and “147 Hours”, but none-the-less, here is the list:

Top 10 Best Films of 2010

(10) The Killer Inside Me

An easily overlooked movie of the year, seeing as it did not make it to most theaters. Casey Affleck takes a very unlikable character and does the role justice. The cast is magnificent, the performances coincide, and even though some of the violence is brutal and will make your stomach turn, and I so glad they finally did the book justice.

(9) Chloe

Something has to be said for a film that is not afraid to go places. “Chloe” may look like another “Fatal Attraction” wannabe, but honestly, it is anything but. The fact that you can get such a star-studded cast into a film where 75% of the characters end up naked throughout the film is a true feat. Amanda Seyfried sheds the dumb-girl routine to perform in her first true testament to her skills.

(8) Winter’s Bone

Full of amazing scenic visuals and other-worldly characters, “Winter’s Bone” takes on a vocabulary all its own. Not only does it have a way of drawing you in with such ease, Jennifer Lawrence proves without a doubt that she has lasting power and will be around for a long time. John Hawkes pulls off the best performance, and his scene with a shotgun in his truck, squaring off with the deputy sheriff is worth watching the film alone.

(7) Ondine

Another underrated film from 2010, “Ondine” takes Colin Farrell to his celtic home, immersing him into a fairytale like world where you become completely comfortable thinking a fisherman could pull up a mermaid and that it is perfectly normal. Love the twists and turns of the film.

(6) Black Swan

“Black Swan” takes the cake when it comes to psychological thrillers. I was completely unaware of what this film would entail and having caught me off guard, this was a great film. It takes you deep into the world of a ballerina and then (if I can steal a concept from “Inception”) folds that world over on itself. This is the performance of Natalie Portman’s career and with the psycho-sexual element of the film, it easily shoots up towards the top of my Best of list.

(5) Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

My absolute favorite comedy of the year. Edgar Wright gives every video gamer and movie lover the perfect mix while doing the graphic novels perfect justice. Toss on top of that his unique comedic sense and Michael Cera’s quirky comedic timing and the film just works. Jason Swartzman is also a favorite and Kieran Culkin has since become a favorite. I will never tire of this film and ten years from now, I will still be watching “Scott Pilgrim”.

(4) The Fighter

No film of 2010 made me emote quite as much as “The Fighter”. Each performance coming out of the film is absolutely astonishing and credit must be given to not only the cast but the director as well. Based on a true story, “The Fighter” finds a way to bring the story of Micky Ward to life in an entertaining and emotional way.

(3) True Grit

One name: Jeff Bridges. Two directors: The Coen Brothers. One age-old concept: kick ass westerns! Sure, the Duke, John Wayne won an Oscar for his performance as Rooster Cogburn, but honestly, if he would have seen Jeff Bridges performance, I think even Duke would have something to say about it. Not to mention the jaw-dropping emergence of young, yet poignant Hailee Steinfeld. “True Grit” does the book and the western genre true justice.

(2) The Town

“The Town” was just my kind of film; a nice mix between action and drama. The cast was perfect. Actor and director, Ben Affleck wins me over more than ever before while Jeremy Renner continues to become one of my favorite actors of all time, coming off his performance in “The Hurt Locker” last year. Jon Hamm, Pete Postlethwaite, Blake Lively, and Rebecca Hall also deliver pitch-perfect performances. There is nothing quite like glamorizing bank robbery.

(1) Inception

Nothing can beat a film that is so masterfully crafted that it makes you think. If I enjoy watching a film multiple times and have to anyways to figure out the plot, I am in heaven. Christopher Nolan has my complete and utter respect with “The Dark Knight” being at the top of my list of best films ever made. “Inception” will now be on that list as well. The visuals and effects are so breathtaking, it causes for such an unexplainable and sublime sense of awe. The plot, though reminiscent of a room full of string needed to be untangled, is phenomenal and unlike anything I have ever experienced. Nolan is unafraid of thinking outside the realm of what normal people are adjusted and brings to life a world completely of his own hand.

**Late Entry**
The King’s Speech

Masked as a true story period piece, “The King’s Speech” is a spirited comedy about a stuttering king-to-be headed by Colin Firth and supported nicely by Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce, and Helen Bonham Carter. The sets are perfect, as are the costumes. I have to give props to Tom Hooper and his crew for creating suspense and frustration out of something as small and simple as a stutter.

Top 10 Honorary Mentions (alphabetical order)

1.    The Book Of Eli
2.    Cyrus
3.    Get Him To The Greek
4.    The Good, The Bad, The Weird
5.    Greenberg
6.    Morning Glory
7.    She’s Out Of My League
8.    Shutter Island
9.    The Social Network
10.    Unstoppable

Overrated Film of the Year: The Social Network

Worst Film of the Year: The Back Up Plan

So there it is. As you can see, I do not discriminate against comedies, which are very often my favorites. Feel free to weigh in with your own list.

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