As the only adult female character in the film, Jacki Weaver easily shines in “Animal Kingdom”, as the mother of a “crime” family (we do not see much of the crime). Starting off coy and quiet, Weaver’s character eventually comes out of her shell and proves that she has been around the block and can manipulate with the best of them.

In comparison to the other performances nominated, however, there is something lacking in Weaver’s performance. More like a watered down version of Melissa Leo’s character from “The Fighter”, matching her unwillingness to lose family and ability to tend to adverse situations, I am afraid Weaver does not stand a chance. Though sinister and dynamic in her role, Weaver just doesn’t fit the Oscar mold.

Of the five nominees, I feel like Weaver took up the final spot, taking it away from young actresses like Mila Kunis and her fitting performance in “Black Swan”. Though I do not think Mila Kunis could have won the award, I feel like giving her the Oscar nod would have been more beneficial for her. The Academy tends to stray towards the older actresses, almost as a final nod, and that is why Jacki Weaver will be at the awards ceremony for her role in the film and nothing more.


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