What we are experiencing this past year is a twelve month period of great films. 2010 proved to be great for films and every critic will give the thumbs up to that. The only problem is, we end up at Academy Awards season and too many films do not get recognized. Sure, that happens every year because we can only honor “the best”, but this year, its hard to leave any of the nominees out.

“How to Train Your Dragon” is one of the films that will be left out. If “Toy Story 3” were not such a juggernaut heading into the awards ceremony, “Dragon” would actually stand a chance. The visuals are amazing, the voice acting incredible, and the overall concept is rather original. The problem lies in wanting to recognize the “Toy Story” franchise for its final endeavor.

Not only is “How to Train Your Dragon” up for Best Animated Feature, it also got a Best Original Score nod, which is self explanatory if you listen to its score. The soundscape creates a more than grandeur scale for the epic journey of the young boy and his new found friend in Toothless the dragon. An orchestra ensemble never sounded so good and the way it fits the piece is absolutely stunning.

There are absolutely no complaints from me this year, as I love a year packed with great films. Though a lot of the films I would like to see win will be sitting by the wayside, it is still nice (as I have been pretty much repeating in all reviews) to see these films even get a nomination. “How to Train Your Dragon” is not just a great child’s film, it is a film worth sharing the spotlight with “Toy Story 3”and though “Dragon” will not win, it is still an award worthy film.


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