With all my votes going to “Inception”, I am afraid “Another Year” will not represent at the Oscars. With “The King’s Speech” and “The Fighter” also in the category, it is pretty apparent that “Another Year” was one of the filler films for the category. The film was very original, as many British films end up being, but not worthy of being awarded the Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

The film follows a somewhat average year in the life of a couple in London. Focused on their garden and cooking, they entertain their friends throughout the seasons. Though the couple is very healthy and appear to be happy in their lives, their friends are anything but.

The star of the film emerges to be Mary (played by Lesley Manville) as she struggles with abandonment issues and wanting to stay young. Her dialogue alone fills most of the screenplay. Her character development is strong and the only part of the film that remains interesting and is most likely what got the film nominated.

I would have rather seen Lesley Manville get nominated for her role in “Another Year” than see the film up for Best Original Screenplay, but the stiff competition in the category signs the film’s loss. None-the-less, “Another Year” is a film I normally would not have seen had it not been nominated and it is for that that I am content with its nomination at the least.


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