In the interest of myself not being completely familiar with the logistics of the sound awards, let us make this post short and sweet. Sound Editing. Since Mixing, I presume, is the blending of sound to the film, editing must be creating and cutting the unique audio to fit the film. “Unstoppable” falls into the editing category.

If you have ever lived near or been around a train for a long period of time, you know that trains make a massive racket. The task of capturing and editing that sound must have put the editors on edge. However, as daunting that task, “Unstoppable” has a tolerable soundscape, including that of the out of control train and the other trains that come along the way.

As impressed with the sound of “Unstoppable” as I am, I do not feel like the film carries an Academy Award winning sound design (emphasis editing) and believe that will probably go to a more impressive sounding film, for argument sakes; “Inception”.

The fact that “Unstoppable” was nominated is a feat in itself. When the finalist list was released for this category, I was not quite sure “Unstoppable” would make it, but I believe I ended up throwing its name in and am happy with this nomination. That being said, it is unlikely the film will take home the prize. If it does, do not expect any complaints from this department.


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