No other film captivated audiences more than “Inception” did last year. With “The Dark Knight” leader Christopher Nolan at the helm, the film rakes in with 8 nominations at the award ceremony (though it should have a few more, but I suppose sooner or later we will have to let the Best Director debacle go). “Inception” will definitely take home some awards on the big night, but not nearly as many as it deserves.

One lock for the film had better be the Best Visual Effects category. No other film in that category or any film from 2010 in general had the fortitude that “Inception” displayed in creating a coexistence between story, acting, and visual effects. The film screamed originality in all areas, and especially in this one. The film is a mammoth of visual design and if “Inception” does not take this category, I will be completely surprised.

I also feel as though the Sound Editing & Sound Mixing awards (which usually go to the same film) will most likely go to “Inception”. Though I am far from an expert in this area, I do feel that the editing and mixing of the sound in this film especially, deserves to be recognized as the best and the more awards the film receives, the better I will feel about it not winning Best Picture.

Personally, I would pick “Inception” as the Best Original Screenplay (though I would also pick it for Best Picture, but that is not going to happen), but if “The King’s Speech” is to win Best Picture, I do feel it will take that instead of Nolan’s baby. Nolan spent years on the screenplay of this film and his work is pure genius, in both interpretation and analyzation. I see the film as completely brilliant, but I do feel a lot of people see it as complex and confusing and therefore blame the writing. I am afraid this film will not be able to lock the award for this and that is a damn shame.

Hans Zimmer is a genius when it comes to scoring a film and so it is no surprise that the former winner of an Academy Award in the same category (for “The Lion King”) returns for another shot with his Original Score for “Inception”. The crew of people contributing to this film appears to be a who’s who of the best in Hollywood today, but I do feel Zimmer will not be able to lock the win in this category either, as “The Social Network” and Trent Reznor have been praised for their score. If the race were not between “The King’s Speech” and “The Social Network”, “Inception” would absolutely be bringing in more award wins.

Best Cinematography could easily go to “Inception” as well, but putting my personal preference for the film, multiple other films deserve the win this year. Since “The King’s Speech” is my pick for Best Picture, it could easily sweep several categories like this one. Also, “Black Swan” is another personal choice for having absolutely stunning cinematography. Even if “The Social Network” won, I would not be surprised. However, many people believe it is Roger Deakins year and he may win the award for “True Grit”. This category is a wild card.

Art Direction is a huge factor in the appeal of “Inception”, but once again, there are several films in front of it. “The King’s Speech”, again, could easily sweep this category as well. “Alice in Wonderland’ is a favorite of many for this and Costume Design. Even “True Grit” has a strong Art Direction appeal. Therefore, declaring “Inception” the winner just by my affinity for the film would appear premature and ill-advised.

Since the film fails to gain any acting nominations and completely avoids trying to even nominated Christopher Nolan and his impeccable directing superiority, the film will not be taking home Best Picture this year. If it were up to me, I would hand over the award right now, but Nolan will have other years, because as far as I am concerned, he has done no wrong. “Inception” was my favorite film of the year and will applaud loudly after it takes any of the awards it is nominated. But do not expect much. At least three awards should go to “Inception”.


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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t found this blog before now. I’ve been trying to do the same thing, although I’m sure you’ve seen more than me. I just finished posted on Inception, my last of the ten best picture nominees. I agree Nolan was robbed on Best Director, and that this movie won’t be Best Film Editing is a joke. The amount of years Nolan put into this film is very clear.

    My thoughts on Inception here:

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