“Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” was lucky to get nominated for anything, plain and simple. The fact that it got a Best Picture nomination over “Harry Potter” or “Drive” is testament to the direction that the Academy tends to take towards family films. The film is shows up in only one other category (Best Actor in a Supporting Role) but gains no director or technical awards which basically takes it out of contention. It’s films like this that gives the larger Best Picture category a bad name, acting mostly as filler with no real chance of winning.

Max von Sydow was perfect in this role. Von Sydow does more with his sad eyes and convincing gestures than the lead boy does with pages and pages of dialogue. Had Albert Brooks been nominated for his supporting role in “Drive”, the Best Actor in a Supporting Role category would have been perfect, reflecting the best performances I have seen this year including Christopher Plummer and Nick Nolte. Sadly though, as I would love to see von Sydow win this award, Christopher Plummer basically has this category locked up with wins across the board. And with no Albert Brooks to challenge him, this category might as well be locked on Plummer.

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