Unless it is going to be a French-love year (I’m talking about “The Artist” being a front-runner for Best Picture), I do not see “A Cat In Paris” winning the Best Animated Feature. People were surprised to see “Chico & Rita” and “A Cat In Paris” get nominated, both being foreign films that are more adult-oriented than their animated counterparts like “Cars 2” or “The Adventures of Tintin”. I am glad that small, foreign films get the recognition they deserve especially over lackluster, big budget American films, but the thought of them winning is quite implausible, especially with “Rango” in the untouchable spot that it has reached without “The Adventures of Tintin” to give it competition. Unfortunately, “A Cat In Paris” just doesn’t have enough going for it to win the award, with “Rango” being the far superior film, for better or for worse.

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