Trailer #3

BRAVE / With the final Brave trailer at your disposal as of today, I decided to post the entire campaign for this summer’s Pixar release. With their track record, all you have to say is Disney/Pixar and people will flock to this film. And thus, it becomes an event, perfect for the summer movie season. Adults that loved Up will likely venture out to catch this theatrical release as will families with children (little girls will adore Merida). The graphics are flawless as far as I am concerned and seeing this in theaters will be a eye-gorging feast.

Pixar is notorious for having in-depth scripts and Brave looks to follow suit. There looks to be comedy, adventure, scares, and excitement. And all with a strong female lead. Brave will probably be on most people’s favorites list as will it be a strong contender for Best Animated Feature come Academy Award season.

Check out the rest of the campaign below:

Trailer #2

Trailer #1


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