As far as visual effects go, if superhero films didn’t at least invent them, they sure as hell reinvented them. And “Marvel’s The Avengers” is no different. Creating an Incredible Hulk that resembles Mark Ruffalo, an alien race that invades Manhattan, countless sets and set pieces, including a hovering carrier ship, the Stark tower, and the Tesseract; all of these make the film the masterpiece that it is.

The tough question is, is it strong enough to be out films like “Prometheus”, “Life Of Pi”, and “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”? Personally, I would say yes, but for starters, “Life Of Pi” is a Best Picture nominee, meaning it was rated higher by Academy members than “The Avengers”. This could be a tough category to pick this year, but as a personal pick, I may be holding onto the superhero assembly for the win.


Without a doubt the best Marvel film to date, The Avengers reaches almost miraculous levels of intricacy without losing pace or character arcs. In fact, Joss Whedon handles his giant cast of characters perfectly, delivering satisfying arcs for everyone involved, a juggling act that only an experienced director could enact. There is no one man show, as every character has their turn in the spotlight and with justified reasons that are not just for show. There is also a balance between wit and action that I cannot say I have witnessed in an action film prior to this. Running gags are established with punchlines that appear at opportune moments much later in the film, delivering a sort of smart banter between the director and his audience. Also, the action sequences rival almost any superhero film to date, with no characters being lost in the shuffle and even breathing new life into the epic sequences that appear in the trailers. At a brisk two hours and 22 minute run-time, The Avengers could have easily been extended much longer without complaint, but still delivers enough punch for money.


Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 11.24.28 PM

// Produced by Kevin Feige // Directed by Joss Whedon // Visual Effects: Janek Sirrs, Jeff White, Guy Williams and Dan Sudick //

// Dated Viewed: Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 // BLU-RAY //  28 films – 41 days //


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