Original Air Date
April 29, 2012
Michael Uppendahl
Written By
Jonathan Igla
Network Aired

Mad Men: Season 5
Episode 507: “At The Codfish Ball”

Don’s in-laws are in town. Henry’s mother trips over a phone cord, which is rather hilarious, bringing Sally and Bobby in on the festivities. Sally is definitely turning into a young woman, wearing makeup and a party dress for Don’s award acceptance at the American Cancer Society ball, where he’s informed that no one wants to work with him after his letter in the paper (“bite the hand”). Peggy gets her hopes up, for reasons I’ll never understand, as she thinks lame-o Abe is going to propose (really he just wants to move in). Often I forget the time period of this series, and Peggy’s mom’s freak out caused a double take, but of course she would react like that. Megan steps up with a brilliant idea for the Heinz campaign and with no time to spare, pitches the ad in an impromptu meeting during a dinner date. Don couldn’t be more turned on. Speaking of turned on, Roger gets fresh with Megan’s mother, an image that Sally will not soon forget.


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