IRON MAN 3 || May 3rd, 2013

IronMan3-poster Shane Black re-teams with Robert Downey Jr. to deliver not only an exceptional stand-alone action film with comedic and emotionally charged themes, but produces another gold brick in the foundation of the Marvel universe. The ingenuity of Tony’s suits helps develop a fresh feel to the story and adds another exciting layer to the final battle. Add to that cinematography that captures the immensity of its surroundings, specifically scenes like Tony’s Malibu mansion being demolished by helicopters or a free-fall rescue out of Air Force One involving twelve passengers.  With plenty of surprises, “Iron Man 3” entertains on all levels, continuing the near perfect legacy of “The Avengers”.

Aroused-poster When starting to post this trailer, iTunes had originally listed it on their website. Now it’s gone. My only guess is that they were asked to take it down by the strict mothers of this world. I appreciate porn and the openness it provides and this may sound like a “buying Playboys for the articles” excuse, but I’m actually interested in hearing the stories of these women and how they feel about their profession and how they got into the industry.
CarolineAndJackie-poster There’s no denying that “Caroline and Jackie” looks like a strong dramatic piece about two sisters, and with a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes, there’s more than a handful of people that agree, but I’m afraid it’s a little too intense and a little to vague for my taste. PASS
DeadMansBurden-poster As a huge fan of Westerns, it is still hard to get me to see extremely independent films in that genre. However, “Dead Man’s Burden” looks exquisitely produced for being an Indie. The cinematography is what first sold me on this film, even as the critics’ reviews referenced it. The tracking shot in the well-lit woods and the doorway shot as people enter are both huge green flags for me. Hopefully this film lives up to its trailer. 75% MOST LIKELY
DesperateActsOfMagic-poster The woman on this poster looks thirty years older than the actual woman in the film, so already the marketing has dropped the ball. Then you have the trailer which makes this film look like a goofy, ill-advised magician-fest that seems to have heart, but absolutely nothing else going for it.
FreeTheMind-poster A documentary about reconditioning the human brain is very intriguing, especially when you think of the impact this could have on the future. “Free the Mind” centers in on returning veterans with PTS and children who face debilitating fears. I am the slightest bit interested just because the brain is such a complex organ and I would always love to learn more about it. 25% MAYBE
GenerationUm-poster Keanu Reeves is looking good for having not been in a memorable film since “The Matrix”. In this drama, he stars alongside Bojana Novakovic and an actress that has peaked my interest lately, Adelaide Clemens. Not sure if “Generation Um” will end up with the three of them having a relationship together or whether this is all platonic, but regardless, I’m interested enough to check it out. 75% MOST LIKELY
GreetingsFromTimBuckley-poster Helped by being based on a true story, “Greetings From Tim Buckley” follows the life of Tim’s son, Jeff, who makes his rise in music during a tribute to his departed, estranged father. The biggest selling point of the film is actress Imogen Poots, who lately, reminds me of a young Kate Winslet. Soon, she will have me following her filmography, but for now, she heightens this film just slightly. 50% PROBABLY
HappyHouse-poster No. Just no. Is this a comedy? Dark comedy? Horror? Thriller? Quirky? Straight drama? Self-aware? The trailer for “Happy House” gives no inclining as to what its tone is and frankly, I just don’t give a damn.
Iceman-poster Michael Shannon is irrevocably one of the best actors of his generation, nailing his nuanced performances in every role that he takes. “The Iceman” is no different. With a harden face and killer glare, Shannon plays real life contract killer Richard Kuklinski and from the family man to the murdering man, you believe Shannon in this role. Although the film trudges on with little direction and a been-here-done-that mentality, Michael Shannon gives this film the punctuation that it needs and becomes more of a character study than a thrilling drama.
KissOfTheDamned-poster Vampires. This film almost had me several times, with great talent like “Heroe’s” Milo Ventimiglia, but I kept reminding myself it was about vampires, and I can never really get myself into vampires, regardless of the medium.
LoveIsAllYouNeed-poster Unfortunately, I feel like this premise has been done before and better. “Love Is All You Need” starring Pierce Brosnan, about two strangers that have an altercation, hate each other, and find out their son and daughter are getting married, thus spending the weekend together, falling in love. A little to generic for my liking.
PostTenebrasLux-poster Reminiscent of Terence Malick’s work, “Post Tenebra Lux” is a compilation of spectacular shots, with no real binding story. Though, if I come across this film, I might have to check it out, there is really only room for one abstract director in my world.
ScatterMyAshesAtBergdorfs-poster Fashion is definitely not my thing and that is what “Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorf’s” is all about. Entering the world of the designer boutique in New York called Bergdorf Goodman, I feel I would be more upset with the interviewees and clientele that speak about this store than actually enjoying the film.
SomethingInTheAir-poster I watched this trailer and it literally put me to sleep. And now I cannot exactly remember what it was about and really do not want to watch it again. So in the interest of time, I will just pass.
WhatMaisieKnew-poster “What Maisie Knew” looks brilliantly. My new favorite thing in trailers is when I have a thought that generates from the trailer and then a critic’s quotation basically reinforces that thought, like “the most remarkable performance I’ve ever seen by a child of this age” from NPR. By the end of this trailer, I was smiling, completely due to this little girl and her amazing gift at delivering sincere lines. Add a stellar cast of Julianna Moore, Alexander Skarsgård, Steve Coogan and two amazing introductions, Joanna Vanderham and young Ontana Aprile and I will likely be seeing this film.


  • The Iceman
  • Iron Man 3


  • Aroused


  • Dead Man’s Burden
  • Generation Um
  • What Maisie Knew


  • Greetings From Tim Buckley


  • Free The Mind
  • Post Tenebras Lux


  • Caroline And Jackie
  • Desperate Acts of Magic
  • Happy House
  • Kiss Of The Damned
  • Love Is All You Need
  • Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s
  • Something In The Air



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