Release Date
December 7, 2012
Donald Rice
Donald Rice
Mary Henely-Magill
Based On The Novella By
Julia Strachey
Distributed By
Capcom Pictures
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rated PG for thematic material involving sensuality, and for smoking and brief language
93 minutes

Cheerful Weather For The Wedding

Despite it’s shortcomings, the chemistry is so strong between Felicity Jones and Luke Treadaway, that even though they spend a majority of the film apart, the connection between them carries the film. Felicity is gorgeous as always, performing in such a lyrical beauty that radiates through her lack of dialogue. She is the star and even though most of her actions are mirrored off of the rest of her family, she still shines.

Treadaway also mostly uses his expressions to portray his character and the highlight of the film is a moment where he kindly dances with Jones’ younger sister, gazing at Felicity the entire time. No words are spoken, but the emotion is strong. Apart from these performances, “Cheerful Weather for the Wedding” is an average dramatic comedy, with a dry, British humor and a lack of ingenuity. Had the director pushed nuanced feel, the film could have been so much more impacting. Instead it relies too heavily on its bright cast and too list on its substance and direction.


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