Release Date
June 6, 2003
John Singleton
Michael Brandt
Derek Haas
Distributed By
Universal Pictures
$76 million
Action, Crime, Thriller
Rated PG-13 for street racing, violence, language and some sensuality
107 minutes

2 Fast 2 Furious

Continuing with fast cars, beautiful women, and enough action to keep you entertained, “2 Fast 2 Furious” succeeds in the fact that Paul Walker returns and carries on the “Fast and the Furious” legacy. Also, by bringing in new relevant characters like Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pearce and Ludacris’ Tej, the series is kept new and fresh, even if it comes from several recycled storylines. The plot often feels like a retread of “The Transporter” plot, but with a team. However, it does still focus on the street racing, nightlife aspect that was popularized in the original.

Missing Vin Diesel’s roughness and chemistry with Walker, the film often feels like a brand new franchise rather than a sequel, despite allusions to Walker’s past. Eva Mendes does her best to add the sexy, strong female presence to the film, but does not compare to Michelle Rodriguez or even Jordana Brewster. Visually, the film stands strong, with a climatic parade of cars that rivals any set piece in the original. As long as we continue with the strong focus on relationships and delve into the world of street racing, I will be content with these films, but losing the main characters from the first film doesn’t do this film any favors.


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