Original Air Date
June 16, 2013
Phil Abraham
Written By
Andre Jacquemetton
Maria Jacquemetton
Network Aired

Mad Men: Season 6
Episode 612: “The Quality Of Mercy”

With only one episode left of this dark season of “Mad Men”, there’s still plenty of questions in the air that cannot possibly be answered by the finale. The biggest question: is someone going to die? With rumors floating around about the foreshadowing of Megan’s death and the idea that Bob Benson could be a killer, fans will be glued to their sets next week to see if any of these come to fruition. It’s only fitting, then, that the opening of the episode almost sees the demise of Kenny. The suddenness of his injury is almost comical, but when we don’t hear from him for quite some time into the episode, I thought for sure he was a goner, especially with the morose program that Don watches on the television immediately after.

Now that Peggy’s single, she and Ted display affection in the office place, with everyone noticing. Don goes out of his way to humiliate them and I almost agree with him. But apparently he’s a monster. When he’s not being a monster, Don is worrying about his daughter spilling the beans about his affair. Megan watches idly by, knowing nothing and apparently not questioning anything. Besides some mild freak-outs, Don acts quite normal for this episode.

Amongst the other half, Betty takes Sally to a boarding school interview where she spends the night, most likely a rouse to see Glen. Betty doesn’t seem to catch on to that and even lets Sally smoke a cigarette in the car with her. Betty is getting better and I could definitely see her and Don reuniting if things go south with Megan, which they will almost certainly do.

Pete digs into Bob Benson’s past, after the partners decide to stick them together due to Kenny’s absence from Chevy. What Pete finds is all too familiar and he handles it unexpectedly, but smartly and this won’t be the end of their rivalry. Pete touches on the strong homosexual vibe, and even though he denies any feelings for Pete, I think we’re about to learn even more about Bob.

Who guessed Don wouldn’t keep his promise to Ted? We should have been taking bets because one episode later and he’s already re-nigged on his deal. Yes, Sunkist is worth more than Ocean Spray, but it was the principle. None of the other partners have that notion, however, and Don’s sly business garners him another win.

I still hope strongly that someone’s going to die. Not because I hold any grudges or because I need to see pain inflicted, but for me, I feel there needs to be a large payoff for this season’s dark undertones and visual foreshadowing by what we know of the past. Part of me hopes Megan will get killed off, because it would not only be such a meaningful death with all the speculation, but because that would send Don on a new spiral and would allow for a new direction without this season ending in Megan leaving him and Don starting all over again. I cannot wait for this final episode. Let’s just hope it lives up to expectations.


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