Release Date
April 5, 2013
Ramaa Mosley
Tim Macy
Distributed By
Magnolia Pictures
Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller
Rated R for violence, some sexual content, language and drug use
101 minutes

The Brass Teapot

Not bad for her first feature film, Ramaa Mosley creates a believable world of want and greed in “The Brass Teapot”. Starring one of my recent favorite actresses on the rise, Juno Temple sells this film far beyond what any other actress could. She makes this film and her role embodies the reasons that I enjoy her so much, including her tenacious sexuality, unrelenting stares, and a generally positive aura around her. Michael Angarano also makes this film better with his immersing into this role, developing a nice guy humor all his own, that is actually quite hilarious.

The plot and delivery are simple and that makes “The Brass Teapot” easily accessible, hitting all the emotional marks needed for a successful, first-time feature. With a tight cast, including supporters like the gorgeous Alexis Bledel, the humorous Alia Shawkat, and nice guy Kenneth Parcell, and a solid, clean quality to the entire film, Mosley does not disappoint. You’ve seen films like this before, where the main characters come across a item that gives them power (or in this case a teapot that rewards physical and emotional pain with cold hard cash), but never in a way so entertaining and fresh than in “The Brass Teapot”.


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