Release Date
August 12, 2005
Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog
Distributed By
LionsGate Films
Biography, Documentary
Rated R for language
103 minutes

Grizzly Man

Built from footage filmed by Timothy Treadwell while living with grizzly bears in the wild, Werner Herzog delivers a postmortem character study of man with a strange demeanor, but a kind and gentle heart towards the animal kingdom, especially with the bears and foxes that surrounded him. Including interviews with those who knew him best and narration by Herzog himself, “Grizzly Man” proves to be the first of its kind, opening up what would be the future of extreme survival shows like “Man Vs. Wild”.

Treadwell came from nothing out of the ordinary and found purpose in giving a voice to the bears. Though his methods are contested by several different interested parties, Treadwell found solace with the bears and lived with them for over a decade. The candidness of the interviews and of Treadwell’s footage is what makes this documentary so poignant and special, showcasing a man’s in the most genuine of moments, with a deeper meaning pouring out of every shot selection and rant delivered by Timothy. Herzog delivers this in the most neutral of ways and every ounce of this film is an unmatched and unmatchable spectacle.


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