Release Date
September 22, 1995
David Fincher
Andrew Kevin Walker
Distributed By
New Line Cinema
$33 million
Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Rated R for grisly afterviews of horrific and bizarre killings, and for strong language
127 minutes


Sufficiently dark and poignantly creepy, David Fincher’s “Se7en” develops a string of murders surrounding the seven deadly sins. Starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey, the film feels high caliber, producing the Freeman we’ve become accustomed to in these crime-thriller, detective roles. Fincher even proves he can produce an engaging performance from young Brad Pitt, whose star was just rising in the depth of this genre. The cinematography is haunting, with perfect lighting and set design to not only immerse you into the hellish world, but to help make the imagery in “Se7en” iconic.

With one of the darkest, memorable, and best twist endings ever to a film, Fincher continues to prove his skilled hand at creating sinister surroundings and multi-layered characters whose flaws and short-comings are often reflected by his villains. Never taking the easy way out and leaving the killer’s identity a mystery throughout most of the run-time helps keep the film from being predictable or cheesy and becomes an actual manhunt, instead a game of wits. Only his second feature, Fincher proves he has a long and prosperous future ahead of him and hones in on his own personal genre of thriller, matching that of both his first feature, “Alien3” and his future features, like “The Game” and “Fight Club”.



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