Release Date
August 14, 2009
Neill Blomkamp
Neill Blomkamp
Terri Tatchell
Distributed By
TriStar Pictures
$30 million
Science Fiction, Thriller
Rated R for bloody violence and pervasive language
112 minutes

District 9

Not only did director Neill Blomkamp bring something new and rejuvenating to the science fiction genre, he does so in his directorial debut with “District 9”. Exhibiting the skills and wherewithal of directors twice as seasoned, Blomkamp delivers a fresh, clean look at the alien invasion genre paired with huge political undertones set on the backdrop of South Africa. With no apocalyptic tie-ins or the usual alien invasion undertones, Blomkamp turns this idea on its head, as the aliens become stranded on earth and placed into camps.

Sharlto Copley leads the film, also in his first feature role, as the nerdy government agent sent to inform the aliens of their eviction to a new compound, but as he and the others maneuver through the alien shanties, they come across more than they bargained for, eventually turning Copley’s character, Wikus, into a refugee as well. The visuals in “District 9” are sublime, especially for a director’s first feature. The CGI aliens blend in with their human counterparts, making it easy for the viewer to follow along, always in the moment, while the giant spacecraft set piece hovers seamlessly in the sky. With an endorsement from Peter Jackson, Blomkamp is well on his way to becoming a staple in the science fiction genre.


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