Release Date
July 3, 2013
Gore Verbinski
Ted Elliott
Terry Rossio
Justin Haythe
Based On The Radio Show By
Fran Striker
George W. Trendle
Distributed By
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
$250 million
Action, Adventure, Western
Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense action and violence, and some suggestive material
149 minutes

The Lone Ranger

Overly long and tonally challenged, “The Lone Ranger” is still a visually stunning and eloquent Western that just suffers from emotional shifts and a run time of almost three hours. Not completely sold on Armie Hammer as a front man, his interpretation of the Lone Ranger is slightly convincing, but not entirely enjoyable. There’s very little charm or threat presented by him as an actor and therefore leaves the book wide open for someone to replace him. As with most of his endeavors, Johnny Depp brings the humor as Tonto. Unsure why the creators decided to have old Tonto narrate the story when it’s not really his story, Depp gets top billing and I guess that’s all the reason we need. Tom Wilkinson and William Fichtner present admirable performances, both embodying their darker sides while Barry Pepper is never really allowed to shine, as his character and his possible depths are squandered.

The wild west backdrop is stunning, but is still kept at bay, with not as many wide open shots as I would have desired from a modern Western. The visual effects work wonders, especially with the train set pieces billed in the trailer. Overall, this was not quite up to “Pirates of the Caribbean” standards, but with a strong score from Hans Zimmer, a darker side to the world of Westerns, and enough emotional arcs to keep you invested, “The Lone Ranger” is still a summer success in my book.



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