Release Date
May 21, 1980
Irvin Kershner
Leigh Brackett
Lawrence Kasdan
George Lucas (Story By)
Distributed By
20th Century Fox
$33 million
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Rated PG for sci-fi action violence
124 minutes

The Empire Strikes Back

One of the best “middle” film in a trilogy to date. The second film in a trilogy is most often a throw away, carrying on what the first film started but ultimately only existing to lead into the third and final film. The Empire Strikes Back completely builds off of the first film, carrying on the characters wonderfully. Han Solo takes a step down from being the center of attention, as I feel every single character shares the stage nicely. The conflicting emotions in all the characters is present throughout and causes for the most beautiful of drama.

The action never stops, from the moment we step foot on Hoth to the second we jet into hyperdrive with Leia, Lando, and Chewbacca. I especially love where this film leaves off, creating the perfect launching point for the final film. Had Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) not been such a difficult character to follow, this could have been a perfect film, but with the constant whining and frustration caused by his unpreparedness, you start to wonder how much that Luke mirrors his creator, George Lucas, who I feel is often ill-prepared for his ventures. Regardless, “The Empire Strikes Back” is a staple in science fiction fantasy and continues to be one of the best films in the series.


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