Release Date
December 25, 1997
James L. Brooks
Mark Andrus
James L. Brooks
Distributed By
TriStar Pictures
$50 million
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rated PG-13 on appeal for strong language, thematic elements, nudity and a beating
139 minutes

As Good As It Gets

Anything with Jack Nicholson is destined to be enjoyable, but in “As Good As It Gets” he extends beyond simply embodying his character, Melvin, a short-tempered and socially inept author with zero filter, and takes the role to an entirely new, iconic level. Nicholson is always gruff and intimidating, but tossing on an OCD, anti-social demeanor to his character takes this romantic comedy to Oscar caliber territory. Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear both reach beyond their normal plateaued performances and give true, believable arcs to these characters, drawing you into the story and reflecting the changes that are happening within Melvin. Although too often delving into that sappy word of melodramatic, romantic blase, “As Good As It Gets” projects a veteran star in an impeccable role that proves he still has so much to offer regardless of age.



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