Release Date
June 20, 1974
Roman Polanski
Robert Towne
Distributed By
Paramount Pictures
$6 million
Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Rated R
130 minutes


A true neo-noir, “Chinatown” not only signifies an iconic role for Jack Nicholson, but ranks as one of the best Roman Polanski films ever. Also starring Faye Dunaway, who is constantly stealing the spotlight, pairing her with Nicholson becomes an instant classic on-screen chemistry. With a suspenseful mystery unfolding and tons of shifty character, the story of “Chinatown” holds up to Hollywood’s current standards, keeping the viewer guessing from start to finish. Refreshingly hinged on a water diversion scheme, this storyline has both never been recreated and remains original for a classic noir. Critically acclaimed and recognized that year with 11 Academy Award nominations and one win (Best Screenplay), “Chinatown” often graces Top 100 films of all-time lists and rightfully so, becoming a staple in the dramatic mystery category of Hollywood film history.


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