Release Date
June 29, 2012
Glendyn Ivin
Mac Gudgeon
Based On The Novel By
Denise Young
Distributed By
Madman Entertainment
$3 million
Not Rated
90 minutes

Last Ride

Visually striking and emotionally in tune, “Last Ride” takes a father and son road trip and puts it on the backdrop of the Australian outback. Not quite the normal road trip adventure, Kev (Hugo Weaving) is on the run from the law for reasons we’re not privy to immediately while his son Chook (Tom Russell) is along for the ride, with nowhere else to go. Hugo Weaving dominates this performance, bringing to life this tortured ex-convict, who may be rough with his son, but deep down shows true affections. Tom Russell, a relatively newcomer to film captures the innocence and naivete of this role, but also grabs a hold of the tougher scenes and doesn’t let go.

There’s a subtle nature to Glendyn Ivin’s first feature length film, with a thin line between what could happen and what does happen as we travel across back roads with these characters. With one of the most gorgeous visual experiences laid out in the form of the vast flat salt lake, Lake Gairdner, “Last Ride” stays with you well after the credits roll thanks to cinematography from Grieg Fraser. Capturing one of the most brilliant and devastating endings to a film in recent memory, there’s a poetic vibe that resonates from “Last Ride” and sets the bar indefinitely higher for future dramatic films.


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