Release Date
August 31, 2012
Elgin James
Elgin James
Distributed By
Millennium Entertainment
Rated R for pervasive language, some violence including a sexual assault, sexuality/nudity, drug and alcohol use – all involving teens
94 minutes

Little Birds

A fresh and harsh-reality look at a coming of age story, involving two young girls, Elgin James’ “Little Birds” brings Juno Temple and Kay Panabaker together for some of the best young woman acting since “My Girl”. Temple plays wild child Lily, who lives in the Salton Sea, dreaming of drowning herself, cutting herself, and running off to Los Angeles with her homeless boyfriend, Jesse (Kyle Gallner). Panabaker plays the quite opposite, Alison, who rides horses, knows how to shoot a gun, and loves her quiet mannered father. When Lily is threatened by another girl, she talks Alison into driving her to the City of Angels, where they shack up with three homeless boys and adhere to wrecking havoc on the streets of L.A., stealing laptops and luring pedophiles into their abandoned hotel to steal their wallets and then blackmailing them. Temple is pristine in this role, having the perfect look to match her anarchist behavior, while Panabaker couldn’t be more perfect for her role as well, radiating an innocence and naivete that rivals the best in any similar performance. Although slightly predictable in story, “Little Birds” flows nicely, engaging the audience while the girls steal the show.


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