Release Date
September 22, 2012
Eric Walter
Eric Walter
Distributed By
IFC Films
Not Rated
88 minutes

My Amityville Horror

Recounting the paranormal trials of Daniel Lutz, the real-life inspiration of the Amityville Horror phenomenon, “My Amityville Horror” is a somewhat fascinating discovery about a young boy growing up under the microscope after a stepfather that he hates moves them into the now infamous Amityville house. Never haunted since, the interviews with Lutz do little to convince whether or not these occurrences actually happened and do more to see the twisted struggles that have led to the now candid and sometimes mean-spirited Daniel, who still hates his deceased stepfather and is offended by the idea of being submitted to a lie detector test. With some chilling evidence, the living breathing accounts from paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren (depicted in the recent film “The Conjuring”), new revelations involving George Lutz’s possible Satan worship practices, and Daniel’s believable stories, the documentary does take on a life of its own and becomes an interesting character study at the very least.


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