Release Date
September 24, 2004
Edgar Wright
Edgar Wright
Simon Pegg
Distributed By
Rogue Pictures
$6.1 million
Comedy, Horror
Rated R for zombie violence/gore and language
99 minutes

Shaun Of The Dead

Branding the directing style that he would become known for, “Shaun of the Dead” marks Edgar Wright’s first endeavor into the comedic styling that would put him on the map with his future successes. Using the ability to garner great performances from his unknown cast and cutting in a way to produce laughs, Wright’s eccentric mind brings to life the comedic zombie movie in a way that opened the door for future zombie movies, like “Zombieland” and “Warm Bodies” to exist. Putting Simon Pegg on the map and introducing Nick Frost to the scene, these two actors became icons in the comedy realm, bringing British comedy to America at a level that had not been achieved yet. With tons of laughs and the perfect zombie satire, Wright proves that his brand of comedy has a place in feature films and accomplishes true cult following status after just one film.


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