Release Date
August 23, 2013
Edgar Wright
Edgar Wright
Simon Pegg
Distributed By
Focus Features
$20 million
Action, Comedy, Science Fiction
Rated R for pervasive language including sexual references
109 minutes

The World’s End

With “The World’s End”, director Edgar Wright delivers his funniest installment in the Cornetto trilogy, with a masterful blending of comedy, science fiction, and action, endless laughs and rich character development the likes that the previous two films never quite reach. Simon Pegg proves just how good of a comedic actor he is, embodying three completely different characters throughout Wright’s trilogy and topping it off with his best performance yet. Playing the cool guy Gary King, Pegg’s character attempts to return his glory days by assembling his former crew and heading back home to finish the epic pub crawl that they never finished as young adults. Bent on hitting all 12 pubs having one pint at each, the night proves to be more interesting as they discover that everyone back home has been swapped out for robots.

The cast is a who’s who of Wright’s previous players, including Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, and even the voice of Bill Nighy, along with welcome additions like the beautiful Rosamund Pike and the always interesting Eddie Marsan. Hilarious and action packed, the film almost never holds back and provides some of the best comedy cinema of the year. That is, until we reach the World’s End. Starting off with such strong first and second acts, the climax of the film leaves much to be desired, falling off into a debate of human existence and muddling off into an obscurity and uneven ending. Had they nailed this adventurous climax, the film could have been close to perfect, but with such a strange and insufficient ending, there’s really no forgiving Edgar Wright as a whole. That being said, the parts of “The World’s End” that were good, were absolutely fantastic, nailing laugh after laugh and providing a stellar end to a strong trilogy.


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