Release Date
February 18, 2000
David Twohy
Jim Wheat
Ken Wheat
David Twohy
Distributed By
USA Films
$23 million
Horror, Science Fiction
Rated R for sci-fi violence and gore, and for language
109 minutes

Pitch Black

Entirely at home in this role, Vin Diesel delivers yet another stellar anti-hero performance, this time as Riddick, a man that can see in the dark, in his debut film, “Pitch Black”. Held captive on a spaceship that crashes on an unknown planet, the crew is forced to search for refuge, discovering that there is more on this planet than bones and spaceship remains. With the night approaching and deadly creatures that are afraid of the sunlight, the crew has no choice but to rely on their prisoner, Riddick, to help them get out alive. Often your run-of-the-mill survivor film, with people being picked off one by one, without Diesel, there would be little keeping this film afloat. However, with the flawed nature of the character along with the growth he sustains throughout the film, you cannot help but root for Riddick to survive the night. With his deep voice and muscle physique, Diesel grasps this role and delivers unlike any of his peers. Having a way with imperfect bad guy characters, Diesel delivers the face needed to carry this franchise. Radha Mitchell and Cole Hauser supply familiar faces along with several other unknowns, but this is Diesel’s showcase and he steals every scene he’s in. At its core, just a science fiction film at heart, “Pitch Black” is memorable in its own right, yet fails to rise above its central character.


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