Release Date
June 16, 2000
Don Bluth
Gary Goldman
Art Vitello
Ben Edlund
John August
Joss Whedon
Hans Bauer (Story By)
Randall McCormick (Story By)
Distributed By
20th Century Fox
$90 million
Action, Adventures, Animation, Family, Science Fiction
Rated PG for action violence, mild sensuality and brief language
94 minutes

Titan A.E.

By and large, not the most effective young adult animated film ever made, “Titan A.E.” does achieve some general level of memorability with its ensemble voice cast and its use of science fiction and space travel, however, it fails to stand the test of time and occasionally looks haphazard and uneven. Lead by Matt Damon as the main character Cale, the general emotions are there, but not much more than that. Drew Barrymore and Bill Pullman do well in bringing their characters to life and capture an essence that makes the film more enjoyable. The plot of the film: a band of misfits searching for humanities last hope after Earth is destroyed, is a solid through-line science fiction film but with constant motivation shifts and little emotional attachment between the characters, the overall story-line is lacking. Also, desperate to adhere to a young adult age group, the film’s score is comprised of pop music that often feels out of place, including LIT’s “Over My Head” as its strongest anthem. Successful in its time and praised by several critics, “Titan A.E.” over 13 years later is not the strong science fiction film it once was, and instead is a rather scattered attempt at bringing animated adventures to adults.



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