Release Date
August 23, 2013
Adam Wingard
Simon Barrett
Distributed By
$1 million
Horror, Thriller
Rated R for strong bloody violence, language and some sexuality/nudity
94 minutes

You’re Next

A perfect blending of horror and comedy, “You’re Next” is a prime example of the Adam Wingard we have come to know and love through his shorts in “V/H/S/2” and “The ABCs of Death”. Producing a natural dark comedy out of the home invasion sub-genre of horror, the film is one-half throwback to classic horror specifications, one-half present day gore-fest complete with throat slashing and blender lobotomies. Setting this film apart are the natural family roles that are divvied when the slashing begins along with one of the strongest female survivor performances ever witnessed in a horror film. Sharni Vinson plays the female survivor, Erin, whose headstrong nature and determination keep her the driving force of the film, all the while, her beauty never falters.

Reminiscent of “The Strangers”, with the animal-masked assailants, instead of coming off as a direct copy, “You’re Next” becomes more of a companion piece, highlighting the same overall arcs while remaining distinct in its own right. Although the twists are somewhat contrived and the gore leans slightly heavy-handed, an appreciate for the man that is Adam Wingard cannot be denied. With a cameo from fellow horror director Ti West, I am reminded of the strong collective that has built between these film-makers, and only good can come from healthy collaboration. Standing beside his first major feature release, after being dusted off a shelf at Lionsgate, what Wingard does next could define his future and, in the horror genre, there’s little that I anticipate more than to see his future endeavors.


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