Release Date
October 5, 2012
Jim Field Smith
Jason Micallef
Distributed By
The Weinstein Company
Rated R for language and sexual content
90 minutes


“Butter” is a star-studded jaunt into Midwest humor that doesn’t quite hit its mark but still entertains with the amount of recognizable faces it contains. In cameos, Hugh Jackman and Olivia Wilde show just how impressive they are, as they steal the show on more than one occasion, as does the young Yara Shahidi. The rest of the cast plays their parts accordingly and never really go above and beyond. Is it just me, or is it tough to see Ty Burrell in anything but “Modern Family”? Many directors take jabs at Midwest humor, including Michael Patrick Jann with “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, Christopher Guest with many of his films, and now Jim Field Smith (“She’s Out Of My League”) and although the sport of butter carving does scream some Midwest mentalities, “Butter” never accomplishes the mocking annals that the previous directors’ work.

Carrying very few laughs, the most interesting work done in the film is the character development, with strong characters forming, mostly against type, like that of Jackman and his auto salesman character. Jennifer Garner’s character is the perfect villain, with a spot-on, prissy performance that makes you hate her from start to finish. Had “Butter” done more than just scratch the surface of satire, this could have been a much more memorable film. Instead, it remains an average attempt at poking fun at deep-fried on a stick, Middle Americans.


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