Release Date
April 1, 2011
James Wan
Leigh Whannell
Production Company
Blumhouse Productions
Distributed By
$1.5 million
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Rated PG-13 for thematic material, violence, terror and frightening images, and brief strong language
103 minutes


A throwback to old horror, “Insidious” dodges the cheap thrills of modern horror and delves in to what really disturbs audiences. Quick camera cuts, perfectly constructed audio designs, and a chilling story are enough to cause constant spooks throughout the entire film. The last portion of the film, set in “another world”, I could have done without, but I appreciate the attempt at something untouched in cinema (something unique). It is not everyday a film can claim to be as groundbreaking as “Poltergeist” and “The Exorcist” and actually back it up. “Insidious” is light-years ahead of most modern day horror and it is no surprise coming from the director of the first “Saw” film.


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