Release Date
September 18, 2007
Chad Callner
Not Rated
135 minutes

The Comedians Of Comedy:
Live From The Troubadour

The only thing I can imagine that would be worse than seeing this comedy tour live would be sitting at home, watching it on Netflix. At a run-time of two hours and fifteen minutes, and with far too many comics to fit into that time frame, “Comedians of Comedy – Live at the Troubador” was simply too rushed and not very funny. Understandably these stand-up comics are rather dry, leaving most of their humor lost on me. And instead of allowing for Patton Oswalt or Zach Galifianakis to have substantial stage time, we’re instead cycled through over a dozen comedians with barely enough time to deliver a proper set. Sarah Silverman’s bit is rather enjoyable as is Brian Posehn’s set, but too much time is allotted to the not so funny David Cross and Jon Benjamin. Oswalt’s skit is a repeat of some previously recorded material and overall, this feels a bit like a fail on their part. Stick to clubs, stick to only a few comics, and come up with new material.



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