Release Date
May 17, 2013
Craig Zisk
Dan Chariton
Stacy Chariton
Distributed By
Cinedigm Entertainment
Tribeca Film
Comedy, Drama
Rated R for language and some sexual content
93 minutes

The English Teacher

What is with outsider point-of-view narration? Apart from being distracting and out of place, there’s simply just no need for it in most films, especially a comedy. Cheapening the experience and taking away from actually forming a character in front of us instead of telling us all the about the character, the only film I truly loved outsider narration was “Stranger Than Fiction” because there was a reason and it was hilarious. Narration from the characters is a different story, as it often works much better, and its a voice we recognize and can become attached to, but there’s simply no reason that “The English Teacher” needed to explain Linda’s (Julianna Moore) history with someone we never see and have zero connection to. When Jason (Michael Angarano) returns home after going away to a professional life, he runs into his old English teacher, Linda, who talks him into presenting his play as the next high school theater show.

With the help of the drama teacher (Nathan Lane) and a gorgeous high school girl (Lily Collins), the play begins to form success. That is, until Linda gets intimate with Jason on her desk. Despite sounding like a decent drama, director Craig Zisk straddles the comedic boundaries through most of the film and never allows for any real emotional connections to occur. Not a great showing from anyone involved, this is a very cut and dry dark comedy. We get to know Linda through the voice over, but Jason remains a mystery even through the conclusion of the film. Lacking that emotional and character development, “The English Teacher” becomes just as absent as the play being presented on stage, just successful actors moving through fake people’s lives, producing no real highlights, but rather a mundane and by-the-numbers exhibition.


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